The last year has been very busy for me. I had a baby in May and moved to a new city in July. I took the summer off from working on my PhD to stay home with the baby, but was back at it in September. It’s been slow going, but I’m making progress. My little princess has been taking up most of my time and energy, but recently I’ve been getting into a good routine with her and it gives me a little more time to work on some creative projects. She is 9 months old now, (oh my, how time flies) and most of what I have been working on is for her, so expect sizes to progress with her age!

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Welcome to my new webpage! This is where I will be posting pictures and information about the projects I’m working on. Ask for prices if you would like to buy anything, and I can also make custom items if you have an idea for something you would like.

Check out my Etsy store Peithsa’s Palace.

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Tanooki Suit Onesie

I made this to look like Mario’s tanooki suit. It’s my first attempt at my own design. I based it on a couple other patterns to get the dimensions right. I think it turned out pretty well.

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Baby Sweaters

2015-06-25 12.44.44 2015-08-11 09.05.17 2015-08-11 09.06.30 2015-08-11 09.06.59 2015-08-11 09.07.42 2015-08-11 09.08.23

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More Dresses

2015-06-25 12.45.45 2015-08-11 09.05.52 2015-08-11 09.09.31 2015-04-26 10.09.02

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Megaman Dress

Finished another dress. Megaman this time!

Megaman baby dress

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Dress – Flower Power

I call this dress Flower Power. I tried a different way of shaping the skirt and I think I like the look of this one a lot better.

Baby flower power dress

I still have to add the buttons to the back and tuck in about a million loose ends, but it’s pretty much finished!

Update: Finished now and for sale here!

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Baby Dress – R2D2

Or should I say R2-D too cute!

R2 D2 baby dress  2015-02-17 17.47.27

Dress I finished last week and my beautiful little model. It was hard to get a picture of her not grabbing at the decorations! haha


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Pattern – Bowser Dress

Pattern – Bowser Dress


bowser baby dress

4mm straight needles

4mm dpn

5mm straight needles

5mm circular needle

darning needle

2 buttons – ¾ in



5 stitches, 7 rows per inch on 5mm needles


Size: 9 mo.


Knitted (and charted) from top down.



Using 4mm straight needles

in red: use stretchy cast on 90 stitches (I used long-tail cast on)

row 1-3. k5, k2 p2 ribbing to last 5, k5

  1. k5, pm, p20, pm, p22, pm, p20, pm, p18, k5 (90)


Top: Find Chart here: bowser dress chart

switch to grey

Using 5mm straight needles

Row 1-20: Follow chart Border, back, arm, front, arm, border (Add buttonholes on rows 1 and 11)

Buttonholes: on left border k2, k2tog, k1. Next row, k2, cast on 1, k2 to add stitch back in

Row 21: Follow chart for border and back. Slip arm stitches to spare yarn. Continue following chart for front. Slip other arm stitches to spare yarn. Continue following chart for border.

Row 22: Follow chart

Row 23: Switch to 5mm circular. Follow chart to last 5 stitches. K2tog with 5 beg stitches to join in round with buttonhole border in front. (Each k2tog will contain one stitch from each border.)

Row 24-29: Continue following chart in the round.

Switch to red



Knit 8 rows in red.

Switch to Grey.

Knit 50 rows in Grey with increases on rows 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 22, 27, 32, 38, 44.

I added these increases one stitch from either edge of the skirt on the front and back (total of 4 st per inc). Add more if you would like a fuller skirt.

Switch to red

K 1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row. (I suggest repeating p1row, k1row to prevent the skirt rolling up like mine does.)

BO pearlwise



Using 5mm DPN, pick up stitches from spare yarn and divide evenly

Using grey leaving long tail to close sleeve base gap.

K 2 rows

Switch to red

Using 4mm DPN

k 1 row

K2 p2 ribbing for 3 rows

BO in ribbing



Attach buttons using button holes as guide.

Add Bowser and fireball design using duplicate stitch. (See picture for placement)

bowser chart fireball chart

Weave in all ends.

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