Triforce Purse Tutorial

This is my first attempt at a tutorial. Please let me know if you need clarification about anything 🙂

Purse is pictured here!

There are 7 pieces and a zipper.

band (sides/bottom strip)



straps x2

strap connectors x2

I used a H (5.00mm) hook and worsted weight yarn (less than half a ball)

The one in the pictures is done using Tunisian crochet, but single crochet would work as well.

The band is a rectangle with an opening for the zipper. I made my band 12 stitches wide and the length if the band is enough to go around all three sides of the triforce with an extra 2 rows for each point. For mine it was 36 x 3 plus 6 for the points = 114.  You will have to decide how long of a zipper you want and split the band for that length in the middle of the band. To split the band you only do half the stitches and turn. Continue on these stitches for the desired zipper length. Don’t cut the yarn. Add another piece at the split and fill in the other side of the band. When the second strip is as long as the first, switch back to the original yarn and crochet all the way across. This should create a slit in the band for the zipper. Continue for the remaining length of the band. Join both ends of the band to form a loop. For my purse, I used an 8 inch zipper. This was 42 rows even, split for 30,  another 42 rows even.


Sew the zipper to the slit in the band. This can be done by hand or with a machine. It took me a few tries to get it even.


I added the front and back to the band as I went, but they can be made separately and then joined. The pieces are made from the bottom with a decrease at beginning and end every second row. See the chart for the number of stitches and colour placement.

Straps (make 2)

in white

ch 80, sc, turn

sc for 4 rows

slip stitch into initial chain to make a tube

Strap Connectors

Any shape will do as long as it will cover the ends of the straps

I did:

in yellow:

ch 8, sc, turn

sc 8 for 4 rows

dec at beg and end until 2 remaining

in white:

add decoration


Join front to band lining up join in band to center bottom of front. Be sure to include the extra 2 band rows when joining around the corners.

Attach one end of each strap to one connector and the other ends to the other connector. Attach connectors to purse a little below each end of the zipper.


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